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There are many reasons why people choose to pursue a career in healthcare. Some have a passion for helping others, while others love working with their hands. Health service professionals play a vital role in our society, providing essential care and support to people of all ages. Here are some of the most popular job roles.

health worker wearing scrubs standing in hospital corridor

Assistant in Nursing

This is an excellent healthcare job for those who are empathetic and want to support patients without the high responsibility of administering advanced healthcare. Working under the direction of registered nurses, you’ll deliver limited care to patients. That can mean assisting with daily living activities like showering and dressing or performing administrative tasks like maintaining patient records and contributing to care planning.

Woman helping elderly lady

Patient Care Attendant

As a Patient Care Attendant, you’ll provide non-medical assistance to patients such as basic cleaning and dressing. You may be required to work in a patient’s home, in which case you might tend to basic housekeeping duties they’re not able to do. You’ll also be keeping watch for their physical, emotional and mental condition, and communicating this information with practitioners.

medical receptionist at his desk

Admissions Clerk

Usually working in a hospital context, Admissions Clerks are often the first point of contact for helping patients get their administration sorted out when they first arrive. With a calm and organised demeanour, you’ll be required to gather the necessary details for admissions, appointments and procedures, and ensure it’s all accurate and up to date.

Medical receptionist at her desk

Health Administrative Worker

This is another name for an Administrative Assistant who works in healthcare settings. It’s a front of house role where you’ll be welcoming patients and visitors and managing their appointments, but you’ll also have some behind the scenes work to do. That includes organising patient information and ensuring that it’s kept up to date and confidential, which helps health providers to do their job well.

Medical Receptionist Writes on Clipboard

Medical Receptionist

You’re the warm and welcoming face of the clinic, GP office, or waiting room. With your positive demeanour and eye for detail, you’ll help all patients get settled when they arrive. This includes guiding them through whatever forms they need to fill out or fees they need to pay, and answering questions or appointment requests via email and phone calls.


Accounts Clerk

An Accounts Clerk is a purely administrative role suited to anyone who loves proper order and organisation. You’ll work with financial spreadsheets, invoices and other documents to make sure that records are kept in line and general accounting is handled correctly in any medical environment.


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Have you got what it takes to thrive in a Health Services career?Have you got what it takes to thrive in a Health Services career?

Our Health Services courses will get you there

Designed for beginners as well as those seeking to formalise their on-the-job experience, our nationally recognised courses will lead you to a bright and rewarding future.


Certificate III in Health Services Assistance

Take the first step of entering the healthcare industry by enrolling in a health services assistance course and acquire vital skills to assist healthcare professionals as they provide care for their patients.


Certificate III in Health Administration

Put your natural organisation and communication skills to use by supporting the daily operations of a health practice. 


Diploma of Practice Management

Lead your team in creating a safe and happy healthcare environment with the Diploma of Practice Management, a specialised practice manager course.

Meet Yarna, Health Trainer and Assessor at Foundation Education.

As a passionate Trainer and Assessor at Foundation Education, Yarna brings her wealth of knowledge and expertise to support and guide our students on their journey to working in healthcare. With her wealth of experience in many disciplines within the health industry and a genuine commitment to student success, Yarna provides the mentorship and training needed to excel in healthcare.

Yarna Hempsted
Seven reasons why you’ll love a career in Health ServicesSeven reasons why you’ll love a career in Health Services

Future career pathways

If you're looking to advance your career in health, the Diploma of Practice Management is the perfect qualification for you. It will give you the skills and knowledge you need to take on more senior and higher-paying roles, and it will prepare you for a variety of positions in the healthcare industry.

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*Source for projected job growth figures: Seek, 2023