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31 Jul 2023

How Yarna’s childhood dream led to a rewarding career in healthcare

Health Services

Yarna has been a nurse for over a decade, but you could say that her life has been on this path of caring since she was just a child. 

“This was always my childhood dream – to become a nurse and help others.” 

Since beginning her career in the healthcare sector, Yarna has gained a wealth of experience in many disciplines. You name it, she’s probably done it: general practice, surgical, mental health, paediatrics, emergency, geriatrics and more. On top of several healthcare qualifications, she even holds a Certificate III in Business (Medical Administration), which she says has added an extra dimension to her skills throughout her time in the industry. 

Yarna Hempsted

The thing she loved the most about her job was being the person that patients could lean on – the day-to-day occurrences of ‘being able to help others when they need it the most,’ and ‘helping someone’s worst day become slightly easier.’ 

Times like these in Yarna’s healthcare career gifted her with simple, yet profoundly meaningful moments, giving her the feeling that her work had real purpose. Yarna finds fulfilment in the simple fact that she’s able to provide her patients with some relief and support through some of life’s most challenging experiences.  

‘Someone may never remember your name, but they will remember how you made them feel in their time of need.’ 

Yarna’s decision to share her knowledge 

After ten years in the industry, Yarna has built an impressively broad understanding of many aspects of the healthcare industry. Which is why, despite feeling fulfilled in helping patients every day, she made the choice to begin sharing her experience with aspiring healthcare workers. 

‘It seemed only fair to share real-world experiences with students and help shape the next generation of healthcare professionals.’  

Now, her love for helping patients has been translated into pride in supporting her students. When she sees her students’ journeys towards a new future in healthcare, she feels sincerely heartwarmed to know that she’s been a part of helping them reach their goals.  

‘There’s a sense of satisfaction when I’m able to assist students to graduate and start a new chapter in their lives.’ 

She found a profound satisfaction in sharing her knowledge and real-word experience while supporting her students with the Health Service Assistance units - the course she loves the most. 'Loving what you do is what makes the biggest difference in students’ learning.'

Yarna is also a big advocate of prospective healthcare workers being educated with a nationally-recognised qualification for their new career, as she believes it’s the ‘best opportunity for employment growth,’ potentially opening up the doors to further study down the track. 

Yarna is a natural problem solver, which she says is something that significantly contributes to her ability to help her students reach their potential.  

‘I’m always up for a challenge,’ she says, explaining how she loves to help her students find solutions to any problems they may face or content they may be struggling with, so that they can go on to achieve ‘quality outcomes’.  

Having joined Foundation Education in January 2022 as a Health Trainer and Assessor, she has noticed that she’s not alone as a trainer with deep industry knowledge and experience – explaining that Foundation Education ‘provides real industry trainers that have the knowledge to support student outcomes.’ 

For anyone considering a career in health, Yarna urges them to make the move as soon as possible. 

‘If you want to make a difference in others’ lives, then start now with your next chapter in healthcare.’ 

If it’s your dream to create a meaningful difference in the lives of others every day, why not explore a career in the Healthcare industry? Check out our nationally-recognised courses in Health Services today.


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