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09 Apr 2021

Why the World Needs More Health Administrators

Health Services

Health administrators are responsible for planning and coordinating health services in a range of settings.

By overseeing the day-to-day administrative operations of medical facilities and hospitals, health admins keep everything running behind the scenes and elevate the standard of patient care. 

As global conditions change, we are set to see increased demand for qualified health administrators. Here’s why the world needs more health admins, and how you can make your mark as one.

Growing population increases need for health administrators

As the world’s population grows, so will the demand for healthcare administrators. In particular, the number of elderly people is expected to double to 1.5 billion globally by 2050, which is already taking a massive toll on the healthcare system. The median waiting time for elderly Australians to be admitted into residential aged care is now 152 days, a massive increase from 45 days just five years earlier.

On top of our ageing population, the global population continues to grow by 83 million each year, putting further strain on the healthcare system. Health admin jobs are a vital part of this system, helping patients get the care they need when they need it.

Epidemiological Challenges

Scientist looking at Epidemiological Challenges

While the ramifications of COVID-19 are starting to ease around the world as vaccines become more readily available, the virus still poses a threat. Highly contagious mutations of the virus, paired with increased global travel, mean a serious outbreak can still occur at any time. 

Skilled healthcare workers are needed to quickly respond to and control any outbreaks that do occur. Accurate records must be kept when outbreaks happen, and patients must be promptly and safely processed through the healthcare system. In such a scenario, health admins will prove to be crucial, ensuring proper contact tracing, record keeping and patient management is carried out.

Changing Healthcare Trends

healthcare workers performing their duties

The way that healthcare is implemented is also changing, necessitating an increased number of health administrators with the skills to navigate this transition. There is now a greater focus on preventative care conducted outside of hospital settings. As a result, more health administrators will be needed in community health centres to boost public health initiatives. These professionals will also be responsible for keeping an eye on the overall healthcare ecosystem and ensuring treatments and therapies are conducted collaboratively.

Could a Health Admin Job be for You?

Health admin can be an incredibly rewarding career path and is particularly well suited to people who are organised, have great interpersonal skills and can thrive under pressure. Working in health admin also offers the added bonus of job stability and growth, with the average pay being estimated at an impressive $2,148 a week.

To ensure you’re appropriately skilled and highly employable, you’ll need a formal qualification. If you’re looking for medical administration courses,  a Certificate IV in Health Administration will set you up for a robust career in medical admin and serving the community.


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