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We partner with leading organisations to ensure our students gain the relevant industry experience to graduate job-ready and setup to succeed.

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Take an active role in training your next generation of staff by partnering with Foundation Education as an Industry Partner.

An industry partnership offers you the opportunity to mentor students through the practical aspects of their course within your workplace. Foundation Education places importance on the value of our Industry Partners and we are always seeking to expand our partnership network. 

These partnership opportunities are mutually beneficial. Your role in providing students access to practical hands-on experience gives them the skills they will need to be job-ready upon graduation. In facilitating this partnership, your organisation will also benefit by having direct access to a skilled workforce that offers you a cost-effective and straightforward recruitment opportunity.

Industry partnerships benefit your business

A partnership with Foundation Education offers your business abundant benefits and prospects that increase your brand exposure through your association with Foundation Education. An industry partnership also gives you free screening opportunities for potential job candidates. When you train Foundation Education students in your business, the experience you provide will, in turn, offer you an extra pair of hands when you need them and an additional source of revenue.

Your recruitment process will also be simplified! When your mentees are ready to graduate, you will have the first pick of recruiting the highly skilled industry-ready graduates that you had a hand in training. Finally, your input into students' education will shape the future of your industry.

Our partnership programs

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Recruitment partner

Through this partnership program, we can put you in touch with our recent graduates to help you find your next employees. Recruitment partnerships offer businesses recruitment opportunities on a local and national scale.

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Vocational placement partner

If you are searching for new employees, a vocational placement partnership gives you the chance to train your next employees by offering students vocational placements where they can complete the practical requirements of their course. 

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Referral partner

Referral partnerships offer businesses the opportunity to refer suitable students to Foundation Education to upskill or get qualified in their industry and receive a financial bonus from us.

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Corporate partner

Corporate Partners can refer staff members looking to upskill. We work with your HR or training and development department to determine the best qualification to suit your business's needs.

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Traineeship partner

Your business can work with Foundation Education to assist students through traineeships. Government incentives may be available to support your employment of trainees.*

The vocational placement process

With access to practical placements, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in industry-leading businesses. Combined with the theory components of their course, which students complete online in their own time, students graduate from Foundation Education with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen profession. 

Once a student has enrolled with Foundation Education and has completed their theoretical assessments, they will be asked to complete a work etiquette and professional skills development course to ensure they are ready to be offered vocational placement. You will then be provided the opportunity to interview candidates for available vocational placement positions within your business.  

Once you have selected your candidates, students will complete practical workplace training in your business under your guidance and mentorship. Upon graduation, you will have the option of recruiting them directly. 

Our placement programs

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For Hospitality venues

Our practical placement partners in the hospitality industry help students learn and refine the hands-on skills needed to succeed in the hospitality industry. Our hospitality courses require students to do a minimum 36 practical service periods or shifts sourced by the student.

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For Dental practices

Our dental courses require students to complete up to 350 hours of vocational placement. Practical placements within the dental industry equip students with the skills to provide chairside assistance to dentists.

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For Allied Health professionals

Our allied health program connects students with quality allied health placement partners who guide students through the required 80-120 practical placement hours within an allied health setting. These partners provide students with all the practical skills to succeed in the allied health industry.

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For Education and Childcare centres

Students seeking to succeed in education support and leadership roles must complete between 160 and 280 hours of practical placement work. Our education program connects students with quality practical placement partners in the education sector. 

Have you considered Traineeships? 

Your business could benefit from a partnership with Foundation Education through our Traineeship Partner option. This will allow your trainees to access high-quality training to meet your current and future business needs. Government incentives may be available to support your employment of trainees. By doing so, you will provide an otherwise unqualified person with the opportunity to gain valuable skills and meaningful employment, all while increasing the productivity of your business. *

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Partner with us

Play your part in shaping the future of your industry and become a partner today.

*Availability of traineeships is dependent on State or Territory funding arrangements.