Foundation Education
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Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch

We’re proudly partnered with ADAVB to bring educational opportunities to its members.

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Powering dental education in Victoria's dental community

This partnership helps ADAVB members unlock their potential through a range of nationally recognised qualifications with Foundation Education. 

With the help of our wide range of courses, ADAVB members can formalise their prior experience in the dental industry, learn the latest skills and advance the standard of care they provide - all at a discounted price.

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Unlock your potential as a Dental Assistant today.


Certificate III in Dental Assisting

Make your start in a career that predicts a high rate of employment growth and prepare yourself with the necessary skills and training required to work as a Dental Assistant.


Certificate IV in Dental Assisting

Gain valuable skills and experience in dental assisting to provide an advanced level of support to dentists, dental therapists and dental hygienists.


Certificate IV in Dental Assisting (Dental Radiography)

Achieve valuable skills and experience in dental assisting, specialising in dental radiography, that will prepare you for a long-lasting and rewarding career in the dental health industry.


Diploma of Practice Management

Lead your team in creating a safe and happy healthcare environment with the Diploma of Practice Management, a specialised practice manager course.