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The Allied Health industry offers various fulfilling career opportunities. By assisting individuals in their healing journeys and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds, allied health professionals find immense satisfaction in their roles. Here are some of the most sought-after careers in Allied Health Assisting.

Allied Health Assistant

Allied Health Assistant

An Allied Health Assistant is an all-rounder position that’s an exciting starting point for a career in the allied health industry. You will be working in multidisciplinary teams and learning from allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, audiologists or even exercise physiologists. Under their guidance, you will assist with the implementation of programs and therapeutic activities for individual patients and groups.

Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy)

Physiotherapy Assistant

As a Physiotherapy Assistant, you’ll be in an enthusiastic and hands-on role where you spend each day helping individuals conquer their recovery goals. You’ll be supporting patients to complete individualised treatment plans related to injuries, illnesses, or disabilities, which means you'll also be providing a bit of patience and moral support when the going gets tough.

Allied Health Assistant

Occupational Therapy Assistant

The word ‘occupational’ used here refers to everyday things that we may take for granted, like showering, preparing food, studying, working, socialising, and engaging in hobbies. In this role, you’ll be working under the direction of Occupational Therapists to improve the physical, psychological and social lives of individuals living with impaired abilities or capacities.

Nutritionist on Laptop with Female Patient - Foundation Education

Nutrition and Dietetics Assistant

As a Nutrition or Dietetics Assistant, you'll work under the direction of an allied health professional to help patients understand their dietary and nutritional problems, bringing a great sense of relief to them and improving their lives.


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I'm currently studying for my Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance, and so far, I've had only positive things to say about Foundation Education. Their Student Support team have helped so much with my course; without them, I couldn't have finished my qualification.

Top reasons to Become an Allied Health AssistantTop reasons to Become an Allied Health Assistant

Our Allied Health Assistance courses will get you there

Designed for beginners as well as those seeking to formalise their on-the-job experience, our nationally recognised courses will lead you to a bright and rewarding future.


Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance

Work under the direction of allied health professionals to support patient programs and therapeutic activities in a range of areas with the Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance.


Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance

Support allied health professionals to improve the wellbeing of patients in a wide variety of allied health settings.

HLT33015 / HLT43015

Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance and Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance

Embark on an occupation in the health sector that has strong employment opportunities and competitive salary packages to set you up for a long-lasting, successful career in allied health assistance.

Meet Eleshia, Health Trainer and Assessor at Foundation Education.

As a passionate Trainer and Assessor at Foundation Education, Eleshia brings her wealth of knowledge and expertise to support and guide our students on their education journey. With her deep understanding of the healthcare industry and a genuine commitment to student success, Eleshia provides the mentorship and training needed to excel as an Allied Health Assistant.

Eleshia Allison
Personality traits that will help you succeed as an Allied Health AssistantPersonality traits that will help you succeed as an Allied Health Assistant

Future career pathways

If you're passionate about helping people, there are many Allied Health jobs that offer rewarding careers. Whether you want to help people recover from injuries, improve their quality of life, or live independently, there's an Allied Health job that's right for you. And if you're looking to advance your career and earning potential, you can study a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy.

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