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05 Jul 2023

Have you got what it takes to thrive in a Health Services career?

Health Services

Excited by a career in the rewarding and energetic healthcare industry?

Let’s see if your unique skills and traits could be a perfect match. 

You’re dedicated and reliable  

There’s a lot of people who’ll be relying on you to be adequately cared for. It’s important that you’re in a position where you can be sure you’ll turn up when you’re needed, and won’t skip a beat with your necessary tasks.  

You’ve got a supportive and compassionate spirit 

Being ill or injured is a vulnerable position for anyone, so when people are relying on you, it’s important to have a natural ability to make people feel comfortable in your presence and help soothe their worries. Part of this is respecting each patient as an individual, speaking with tact, and empowering their personal sense of dignity. 

Healthcare Workers in Hospital

You’re organised 

It sounds simple, but when you’re organised, everything runs more efficiently. This has a huge impact in the healthcare industry, because better efficiency means that more patients receive the attention they need in a shorter timespan. It’ll also make you and your colleagues’ jobs far easier. 

You’ve got powers of observation 

If you’ve got that special eye for detail, the healthcare industry is looking for you! You’re partly responsible for the health and safety of the patients under your supervision and care. That means you’ll be required to keep a close eye on patients and equipment to check whether anyone or anything needs attention.  

You can learn and adapt easily 

Your knowledge will be constantly evolving in healthcare. New technology, new innovations and new processes will keep your appetite for learning well-and-truly satisfied. You’ll also be faced with changing situations, for which you’ll need to adapt to quickly and think on your feet.

Health Worker Wearing Scrubs Standing In Hospital Corridor

You’re emotionally resilient 

Working in healthcare, you might come across some confronting circumstances from time to time. Maintaining a good internal composure and finding ways to emotionally process any difficult experiences is crucial to forging a long, rewarding career in the field. 

One thing to keep in mind: Having a driver’s licence can be a huge advantage if you want to become a healthcare assistant, particularly in a role where you visit patients in their own homes. It may even be essential for some community-based positions. 

Take the first step and get qualified!  

If you've got what it takes, don't wait any longer! Start working in a support role within the healthcare industry. Check out our full range of Health Services courses.


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