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Careers in Human Resources

A career in human resources involves recruiting employees and improving workplace culture. See all your career options here.

Careers in Human Resources

Become a vital member of any business by ensuring a happy, healthy and productive working environment with a career in human resources.

You could be responsible for constructing a solid and secure company by managing the people on your team and the overall workplace culture. In this guide you will discover what to expect from your career, the essential skills you need to succeed, some useful industry insights and how to qualify with Foundation Education.

What to Expect from a Career in Human Resources

The purpose of any Human Resources department is to support the professional development of employees throughout their time at an organisation. You can expect to play an active role in smooth-running of essential parts of a business including performance management, employee training and development, recruitment and onboarding, and reinforcing company values.

Some of the daily duties you can expect in HR careers include:

  • Recruiting new staff marketing job openings, reviewing resumes and cover letters, completing background checks and interviewing select candidates

  • Introducing the company’s mission, policies, and culture to new hires

  • Use digital systems to administer payroll and benefits

  • Work with other management executives to form office policies that ensure fairness, ethical behaviour, and safety

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Essential Skills for Human Resources

Having the ability to hire the right person for the job is a skill you might already have, but there are essential skills that will ensure continued success on your human resources career path. They include:

  • Communication – to resolve conflict, uphold company standards and work effectively with colleagues

  • Organisation – for managing calendars, schedules, meetings and setting up employee training and development

  • Confidentiality – to offer confidential, unbiased advice to an organisation’s workforce and handle sensitive information

  • Adaptability – to adjust to unpredictable circumstances such as an employee who abruptly quits

  • Problem Solving – to efficiently resolve any difficult situations that are likely to arise.

Human Resources Industry Insights

According to SEEK Market Insights data, the number one driver of attraction for people looking for a career in human resources is salary and compensation (16.0%). On average, a recruiting manager in Australia could earn as much as $156,000 annually and with enough senior experience, they could potentially be earning up to $200,000 annually.

Your Career in Human Resources Starts Here

For the full list of nationally recognised qualifications, view our human resources courses.

Human Resources Advisor

The various duties of a Human Resources Advisor include:

  • Oversee administrative procedures in a company and implement labour policies

  • Manage the hiring, payment and departure of staff

  • Ensure staff have up to date knowledge of company policies.


BSB50618 Diploma of Human Resources Management

Human Resources Business Partner

The various duties of a Human Resources Business Partner include:

  • Create ways to improve and monitor employee productivity

  • Develop HR strategies, policies, and practices

  • Overseeing recruitment efforts and managing staff wellness initiatives


BSB50618 Diploma of Human Resources Management

Human Resources Consultant

The various duties of a Human Resources Consultant include:

  • Provide human resources guidance and advice to a variety of companies

  • Conduct research to identify workforce issues or inefficiencies

  • Generating analytic reports and presentations for feedback to management


BSB50618 Diploma of Human Resources Management

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