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22 Mar 2021

5 Essential Qualities for Success in Human Resources

Human Resources

Human resources managers, or HR managers, are the backbone of organisations large and small.

From recruitment and retention to training and employee relations, HR managers keep an eye on everything that happens in the office.

Human resources jobs are projected to grow significantly in the next five years, which means it could be a stable and rewarding career path should you have the qualities needed to succeed.


Empathy essential for working in Human Resources

HR managers deal with people day in, day out. They are typically the bearers of bad news as well, which means they must have a deeply empathetic nature. You may have to break the news to an employee that they have been let go or enforce disciplinary action.

The ability to be empathetic will also help you identify what management and communication techniques will be most effective with each employee.


Leadership qualities essential for working in Human Resources

While HR managers aren’t always in executive level positions, employees still tend to view them as a leader. Strong leadership skills will therefore come in handy, helping you guide the team through challenges and towards wins.

New employees see HR managers as role models, mid-level employees will turn to HR for support and guidance, and outgoing employees need to feel like HR is in control of the situation. Therefore, you should look at honing your leadership abilities in order to provide the guidance, support and structure employees need to be their best.


Successful Communication essential for working in Human Resources

Like we’ve hinted at above, communication is a big part of being a successful HR manager. You’ll spend much of your day sending emails, writing contracts, and having one-on-one conversations with leaders and workers.

As well as having technical written and verbal communication skills, you should also know how to communicate with diverse members of the team. Is there an introverted employee you need to reach out to because they would never voice their concerns otherwise? Or is there someone who will get extremely defensive if you don’t approach them in the appropriate way? These are the kind of situations where having strong communication skills will help you succeed as a HR manager.


Impartiality is essential for working in Human Resources

There will be times throughout your HR career when you must deal with confronting situations. Whether it’s a workplace accident or an interpersonal disagreement, you’ll need to remain objective and impartial. Your aim should be to reach a favourable and fair conclusion for all parties involved, regardless of your personal feelings on the matter.

Goal Oriented

Being goal orientated is key to having success in Human Resources

HR managers are often expected to work to strict targets and meet key performance indicators in their roles. This might include reducing absenteeism, maximising employee productivity, minimising employee turnover, or managing gender diversity within the company. You will also be working with employees to help them reach their own targets and career goals, so it’s important to have a knack for goal setting and planning.

To start carving out your path as a human resource manager, you should look into various HR courses. A BSB50618 Diploma of Human Resources Management could be a great stepping stone, as it is flexible enough to fit in with your other commitments but also targeted enough to get you into your dream role. Speak to one of our friendly Careers Advisors to learn more today.


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