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28 May 2020

How to Become a Human Resources Manager

Human Resources

Do you enjoy working with people and have what it takes to handle organisational change? A career as a Human Resources Manager could be the perfect fit for your skills. Responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the administrative functions of organisations, HR Managers perform many different tasks.

If you’re looking for a career change, there are many good reasons to work in Human Resources. HR Managers are often involved in some of the most exciting developments for organisations, such as new hires and cultural initiatives. The HR industry also offers competitive salaries and career advancement opportunities, making it an ideal career path for ambitious individuals. No two days are the same either, so you’ll never get bored.

Learn more about what HR Managers do and the type of skills you’ll need to thrive in this role.

What Does a HR Manager Do?

Human resources manager communicating with staff

HR Managers play an essential role in the running of a business. Tasked with planning and facilitating essential administrative tasks, they consult with executives to serve as an intermediate between leadership teams and employees. From advising employees of their rights and ensuring employees are paid properly to assisting with new hires, a typical human resources job description can cover a wide range of day-to-day responsibilities depending on their specialisation and the type of organisation they work for.

Although human resources jobs can be demanding, playing such a vital role in an organisation can also be highly rewarding. These are some of the benefits you’ll get to experience as a HR Manager.

  • Empowering workplace culture is one of the key functions of a HR Manager. This process involves addressing issues that may be holding the business back from reaching its full potential, such as an unclear leadership structure, lack of diversity and low morale.

  • There’s a reason it’s called Human Resources – being able to effectively communicate with people and analyse their behaviour is a key principle of HR, putting the industry out of reach of automation (at least for the foreseeable future).

  • From government departments to private businesses, the growth of human resources jobs will impact many sectors. This means you’ll have a choice of industries to work in, giving you the freedom to specialise in an area that suits your interests.

Top Traits of a Human Resources Manager

Performance Management

As a HR Manager, you’ll likely be tasked with monitoring the performance of employees. This process involves ensuring employee output meets the employer’s expectations. Whether team members need to make a certain amount of sales or retain a specific number of clients, a number of metrics can be used to measure and manage performance. Counselling employees if they fail to meet their KPIs can be a part of performance management.

Communication Skills

HR Managers often get involved with tricky situations in the workplace, such as mediating between team members to resolve conflict or disciplining employees for inappropriate behaviour. Managing such sensitive issues in a professional manner calls for advanced communication skills. Both your written and oral communications must be concise and easy to understand for workers across every level of the organisation. 

Multitasking Abilities

On a typical day, HR Managers must deal with a wide range of issues relating to organisational administration. From fielding enquiries about maternity leave, to interviewing prospective employees, a HR Manager’s to-do list can vary from minute to minute. To keep up with this ever-changing workload, you’ll need to be adept at juggling a variety of responsibilities while identifying high-priority tasks.

Requirements to Work as a HR Manager

To become a HR Manager, it’s recommended you obtain a relevant qualification. You may still qualify for entry-level roles without formal training but moving up the ranks into a managerial position will be much easier with a certification under your belt.

HR jobs can be demanding and typically require a high level of skill. You’ll be dealing with people’s livelihoods, so it’s best to know what you’re doing.

Human Resources Qualifications

Human resources manager in an internal meeting

If you think you’ve got the right attitude and work ethic to succeed in HR, the BSB50320 Diploma of Human Resources Management can help you take the next step in your career. Designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to lead a human resources department, you’ll graduate with an advanced understanding of HR processes. This nationally recognised qualification can teach you how to supervise recruitment procedures, develop compliancy standards and implement positive cultural changes.

HR Manager Salary

Human resources jobs offer many benefits, including competitive salaries and career advancement opportunities. According to Australian government data, the human resources sector is expected to experience strong growth over the next 5 years. HR professionals are compensated appropriately for the essential work they do. Although wages can vary depending on location, experience and qualifications, the average salary for a HR Manager in Australia is $92,327 (according to PayScale).

This higher-than-average wage is justified by the high level of responsibility HR Managers have. Being accountable for many aspects of a person’s livelihood is a big deal, which is why HR Managers can expect to earn decent money as they work their way up their career ladder.

To experience the best things about working in HR, you’ll need to get qualified first. Foundation Education’s BSB50320 Diploma of Human Resources Management can give you the necessary skills for leadership roles in HR. Enquire online today or call our team on 1300 616 197 for advice on enrolment.


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