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27 Nov 2020

How to Secure a Senior Role in HR

Human Resources

Tasked with overseeing complex matters such as recruitment, company policy, and employee retention, senior HR managers have a high level of responsibility.

They’re called on to handle some of the most delicate issues found in modern-day workplaces, including conflict resolution and diversity and discrimination.

Think you’ve got what it takes to handle such a challenging profession? If you’re an ambitious HR professional looking for ways to advance your career, this article explores how to reach a senior role.

Get Qualified

Human resources team leader having an internal meeting

It’s possible to qualify for entry-level HR roles with minimal training, but senior positions are typically awarded to those with formal HR qualifications or equivalent relevant experience. If your career has stalled, HR courses can help you climb the corporate ladder faster.

Already qualified? Earning a higher level qualification such as the BSB50320 Diploma of Human Resources Management can make a big difference to your career prospects. This course will teach you about human resources and compliance methodologies, performance management systems, work health and safety, and industrial relations, equipping you with the skills needed to lead a HR team.

Start Networking  

Employees taking part in a networking event to advance career

Making connections with other HR professionals can advance your career by expanding your insider knowledge of the industry. From job openings to internal movements within rival businesses, you can learn all kinds of valuable knowledge through networking.

It’s especially important if have limited opportunities to speak with other HR managers in your day-to-day role. Beyond traditional networking events, there are many other ways to grow your HR circle. You could volunteer for charities that need HR advice, organise events yourself, or engage in online networking via sites like LinkedIn.

Seek New Opportunities

Human resources team leader discussing new opportunities

Your career in HR won’t progress unless you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone. Applying for a new role or a promotion can be daunting but taking risks is the only way to get ahead. Your current role may be comfortable, but does it fulfil your career ambitions?

It can be tempting to stay in a job because it pays the bills but failing to seek new opportunities could impede your professional development. Don’t be afraid to take risks, even if it means applying for roles with greater levels of responsibility than you’ve ever handled before.

Stay Relevant

The HR industry is evolving quickly, so HR managers need to be adaptable. From a greater focus on employee well-being and diversity to advancements in technology, there are many drivers of change in HR. To keep up, you’ll need to always be learning something new.

Committing to ongoing professional development will allow you to offer the most relevant skills and knowledge when applying for senior roles. Reaching your dream job in HR will take time and hard work, so don’t expect it to happen overnight. With perseverance, you’ll get to where you want to be in your career.

If you’re just starting out in the industry, learn How to Become a HR Manager.


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