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Careers in Business and Management

How to have a successful career in business and management


Advance into management and lead your own team

A successful career in business and management covers a diverse range of potential industries and jobs, so if you’ve got the drive and ambition to carve your own path or lead a team to achieve great success, you’ve found the right place to start.

Initiating and fostering client relationships are a core focus in any business or management role, so you need to have top-notch communication skills. Being in a position of leadership, you also need to know how to effectively and efficiently manage the tasks of both yourself and others, while providing incentive to achieve set targets.


Industry insights

Over  five years to November 2019, the number of job openings for Specialist Managers is expected to be high (greater than 50,000).


Specialist Managers


What type of career do you want?


Careers in business and management are extremely varied – whether you want to direct, manage or lead, each industry offers a wealth of opportunity to move upwards. From the creative realms of marketing and advertising, through to corporate offices and hands-on work environments, each career in business and management requires you to demonstrate key skills, including

  • people management
  • problem-solving
  • consumer behaviour, and
  • fundamental knowledge of business operation


Business Manager

Drive others to run an efficient and profitable business, and oversee the entirety of a company’s activities and employees.


Product Manager

Ensure a team is cohesively planning, making decisions and working together effectively and efficiently, producing the right product and service for your customers.


Executive Officer

Increase the growth, profitability and goal setting agendas for an organisation and steer a company in the right direction.


*Source last updated September 2015

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