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18 Sep 2023

Tony’s journey to becoming a Business Trainer and Assessor

Business and Management

If you take a look at Business Trainer and Assessor Tony’s resume, you’ll find an exciting career across a range of sectors.

From retail, sales and hospitality to Defence Force Infantry Paratrooper, he’s learned a thing or two about what it means to be self-reliant and tenacious, along with having strong leadership and management skills.

But across all of the varied knowledge and skills he acquired during his time in these industries – each with their own set of challenges – it’s the field of business that finally drew all of his expertise together.


Tony encourages new generations of business leaders to achieve their dreams

Motivated by achievement, the thing that attracted Tony to a career in business was his interest in bringing people together to accomplish something greater than themselves, particularly, as he puts it: ‘the operational aspects of managing systems and people.’

As a real results-driven individual, Tony reveals that he gets the most satisfaction out of achieving an outcome in the most efficient manner. This is a great asset to have in a business career, and so it’s no surprise that it led him down the track to studying for a Bachelor of Commerce.

Throughout his career, he’s had many experiences of receiving training for his roles. On top of that, he’s been put in the position of instructing those who were still learning the ropes quite a few times as well.

After completing his degree, Tony realised that he could put this experience to good use and encourage new generations of business leaders to achieve their dreams – particularly as he also studied his degree online himself.

‘I completed a Bachelor of Commerce online and realised I could combine these skills to help others with the challenges of remote learning,’ he says.

And that’s exactly what he did. It’s now been eight years as a Business Trainer and Assessor at Foundation Education, which has seen him bring invaluable encouragement and knowledge to hundreds of students in their business qualifications. One of the most inspiring parts of his job so far, he shares, is that anyone can accomplish great things with the right attitude and a solid support system.

‘I’ve had a 16 year-old and a 60 year-old complete a Diploma. What they had in common was passion and determination, and workplace and family support’.

He also adds that his own journeys in education have allowed him to fully empathise with his students, especially as they try to balance their lives with a growing career.

‘I can relate to the everyday struggles of family, work and study.’

Which is why it’s so rewarding for Tony when he’s able to find ways to help students move through their courses and unlock their potential – for him, the best part is helping students overcome personal barriers, and find new understanding.

But why should individuals pursue qualifications in the first place? Even though he’s been a Trainer and Assessor for the past eight years, Tony’s perspective is also influenced by his own insights into studying nationally-recognised qualifications.  Having studied hands-on skills with VET Certificates, and more theoretical subjects at University level, Tony sees qualifications as an objective way to ensure individuals are fully prepared for the roles they’re striving towards.

‘Competency based training is not the opinion of others, nor is it a statement about what you think you could do. Competency based training is an unbiased assessment of your ability to do real work.’

Through the training and support that he provides to his students, his aim is to help them chase their career dreams as independent individuals, showing students ‘how to be self-supporting in their learning, rather than reliant upon others for information and understanding’.

This aim is promoted by the courses at Foundation Education – he shares that what sets Foundation Education apart is their ‘very flexible enrolment and customised service, so the student can learn when they are ready to learn.’

If you’re thinking of beginning your adventure of gaining a Business qualification, Tony’s greatest advice is to discover the thing that motivates you, and see how it relates to your course – ‘this will make you determined to succeed,’ he says.

‘Then you won’t give up, you will engage with the material, with the trainers and draw learning from every experience. This will mean you grow and become a better you.’

Is a career in Business calling your name? Follow your path to success with a nationally-recognised qualification from Foundation Education, where you’ll gain crucial knowledge and industry insights with the help of experts like Tony. View our course range or call 1300 616 197 to speak with one of our friendly Careers Advisors.


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