12 Apr 2022

5 Reasons to Choose a Career as a Medical Receptionist

Regardless of whether you’re working in general practice, major hospital, dental or medical clinic, a Medical Receptionist needs to have amazing organisational skills.

It's beneficial for a Medical Receptionist to be able to effectively multi-task, have efficient time management skills and can provide a high level of customer service.

Although a challenging role, this exciting, hands-on career offers several perks. Some of these are:

Excellent salary packages

You know you’ve levelled up when your weekly pay is distributed as a salary and not a per-hour reward. Medical receptionist jobs range from the entry level to the highly experienced; to get yourself up there and add extra cash to your wallet, boost your earning potential by studying a health administration qualification with Foundation Education.

It’s exciting

A medical clinic is directed, controlled and monitored by the reception room. Not only will you influence the flow of traffic, you will also ensure the satisfaction of your co-workers and patients, along with several other duties. Just the idea of working on so much at a time is bound to get you excited and maybe a little bit nervous.

Medical Receptionist with Patient - Foundation Education

It’s challenging

We won’t lie; a Medical Receptionist is immersed in a busy, bustling atmosphere. You’ll be challenged daily, faced with issues to resolve and uncomfortable people – you’ll see the best and worst of human vulnerability, and rise to the occasion. It’s a monumental job and totally worthwhile!

Are you interested in pursuing this career path and want to know what are the daily duties of a Medical Receptionist? Read our article on ‘What does a Medical Receptionist Do?'

You get to interact with all kinds of people

When you take on the role of a Receptionist, you will communicate with a range of people from all walks of life - some will be friendly, some less so; some will be too sick to talk and others will happily have a chat. You’ll soon be able to deal with most personality types, colleague or patient, enhancing those already developed social skills.

Acquire new skills

When you enter the field of administration, you’ll be held liable for several clerical and administrative tasks, all of which will play a vital role in your organisation. Apart from that, you will also organise and maintain paperwork, and plan and schedule meetings too. You’ll become a powerhouse of organisation and facilitation, subconsciously feeling out the needs of those around you and standing out as a rising star.

Does this sound like the right job for you? Kick-start your career in Health Administration with our Certificate III in Business (Medical Administration) course.

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