04 Sep 2019

Why You Should Consider Online Study


Whether you’re a recent school leaver, looking to advance your skills or you’re taking the plunge into a new career, online study is an excellent way to achieve your educational goals. 

By studying one of Foundation Education’s leading nationally recognised online courses, you’ll receive a rigorous, supportive and high-quality education, only you’ll get to choose where and when you do it. 

Even if you’ve always considered yourself to be a face-to-face learner, online study is flexible to match your learning style. There are also quite a few benefits to studying online that might surprise you.  

Online courses are more affordable 

In many, if not most cases, studying online is far cheaper than on-campus. This is because you’re not paying for student amenities or for the maintenance of the campus. Instead, all you’re paying for is your education and support. This means you can get a head start on saving for that holiday, house or car of your dreams. 

You can study in your own time 

Online study gives you the power to set your own schedule. Most online classes are pre-recorded, and readings are available anywhere, anytime. So, if you get called in for a casual shift, have kids who need to be picked up early from school, or just need an impromptu beach day, online study fits into your life without the need to sacrifice other responsibilities and freedoms. 

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Unlimited pajama days 

Everyone has those days. You know - the ones where you wake up and the idea of putting on a pair of tight jeans seems totally unbearable. Not only do you have the option of studying in total comfort, but you can also say goodbye to any kind of commute – saving you a few dollars on transport in the process. 

Online study provides plenty of support 

Just because you’re studying online doesn’t mean it needs to be a lonely road, with generous support available to you every step of the way. Your allocated educator will be there to help you much more often than in a classroom environment. As much as our Technical Advisors can, they’ll gladly help you by jumping on a quick call or email, to assist you in understanding a key concept or topic. 

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You can work and study at the same time 

Traditional face-to-face study can quickly turn supporting yourself financially into a serious juggling act. This can mean taking jobs with super early starts or late nights, which can impact your sleep, stress levels and your focus on your education. 

With online study, you can work consistent part-time or full-time hours and study in a way that’s reasonable for your life. It’s a more gentle, sustainable approach to achieving your career goals. And if you study with Foundation Education, you can ease the financial pressure of studying by choosing from one of our flexible payment options to suit your needs. 

Ready to start your journey to studying online? Enquire now or speak with one of our friendly Careers Advisors on 1300 616 197. 


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