03 Nov 2021

The Most Satisfying Jobs in the World, and How to Get Started


Fewer things in life are more upsetting than feeling trapped in a job that leaves you feeling drained, uninspired and unsatisfied.

But believe it or not, there are people out there who love what they do, working some of the most satisfying jobs in the world. So, what are these jobs? And which of them has the highest job satisfaction?

If you’re looking for a new career path, why not take a look at our list of the most satisfying jobs – the kind of jobs that are a balance of happiness, money, responsibility and fulfilment – and how to go about getting them.

Education Assistant

An education assistant (also known as a teacher’s aide) works alongside qualified teachers in order to help children learn to their very best potential, teaching them literacy, numeracy and more. These highly valued members of the classroom may also work alongside children with special needs, but watching all young minds grow and learn is a rewarding part of any education assistant’s job.

The median pay for this job is $54,164.60, although it can be higher in different parts of Australia.

To begin a career as an education assistant, you can undertake CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support.

Event Planning


An event planner is a creative and focused role that involves organising, coordinating and managing events – everything from weddings to birthdays to corporate events and much more. Event planners are known to be meticulous in their planning with a keen eye for detail and the ability to handle unexpected crises. 

Event planning is a role with some of the highest job satisfaction in the country, as it allows creative individuals to make use of their skills in order to lay out an event, set the mood, and create an occasion that is enjoyed by everybody present, with many memories made on the day. It’s also a highly flexible role, as there is freedom in choosing how many events to take on, as well as which events to skip. 

Better still, becoming an event planner doesn’t require any formal education – you can simply offer to plan a friend’s party, and go from there. It’s even possible to earn up to $58,926 per year as a successful event planner!


Helping someone to change their diet and therefore their health is one of the most satisfying jobs, according to those who take up a career as a nutritionist. Nutritionists may work in a number of settings, including hospitals and GP clinics, with a focus on helping people understand the relationship between food and health. A nutritionist can help their clients to make the right dietary choices in order to maintain good health while also preventing and treating various illnesses and diseases.

Depending on your level of education, you can potentially earn up to $58,555 per year as a nutritionist. HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Nutrition and Dietetics Specialisation) will allow you to build a rewarding career in supporting allied health professionals in providing nutrition advice.

Occupational Therapist


Occupational therapists report some of the highest job satisfaction levels, as at the core of their career is patient happiness. Occupational therapists (OTs) often work alongside individuals who have suffered from an injury or other life-altering event in order to treat the resulting physical, mental, developmental, and emotional ailments that may impact a patient's ability to go about their day as usual. As you can imagine, this is a hugely rewarding career, with plenty of opportunities and stability. 

OTs work in a number of settings, including public and private hospitals, ages care facilities, mental health clinics, alcohol and drug services, correctional institutions, universities and research facilities, and many more. The median annual salary for an entry-level OT is around $79,896, and steadily climbs with relevant experience and training. HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Occupational Therapy) can set you on the path to becoming an accomplished occupational therapist.

Project Manager

Project managers claim to have some of the highest job satisfaction rates in the country, particularly among those with leadership qualities. Project managers are in charge of guiding a team to success in fields such as construction, energy, engineering, healthcare and IT. As you progress, you will have the chance to work with people from various backgrounds, forge new partnerships, and contribute to the growth of a company. 

The salary is nothing to shy away from, either. Entry-level positions pay around $105,128 per year, with plenty of opportunities to grow and earn an even greater salary. BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management is a great way to enter into the world of project management, and get into one of the most satisfying jobs out there.


The world of freelancing is open to just about anybody, so long as you have the desired skills at hand. Photography, writing, web design, social media managing, and many other skills can open the door to freelancing, meaning that you are doing something you are naturally good at all day and getting paid for it. Freelancers enjoy one of the most satisfying jobs around, as they dictate their own hourly pay, their own schedules, and which clients they choose to take on board. And while freelancing may present unique challenges in comparison to the roles we mentioned above (an education assistant doesn’t need to chase their employer for a cheque at the end of the month), it is undoubtedly a career that makes people happy.



While many of us don’t enjoy going to the dentist, dentistry as a trade can lead to high job satisfaction. Dentists diagnose and treat issues related to teeth and gums and will often work alongside a small team of staff, most notably dental hygienists and their assistants, who enjoy satisfying careers themselves. There are a number of dental courses available if you do not wish or are unable to attend a full-blown dental school.

Dentists are of course very well paid, with entry level positions paying around $112,302 per year.

Are you ready to wake up in the mornings and look forward to the day ahead? Start a new course with Foundation Education today, and enter into the rewarding fields of dentistry, health, education and more today.


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