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18 Sep 2020

How to become a Special Needs Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

Special Needs Teacher Aides are responsible for planning, preparing and delivering individual education support for school students with additional learning needs. They work with children aged between 4 and 18 years, often collaborating with classroom teachers to create ideal learning conditions for students.

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As a Special Needs Teacher Aide, you’ll need to provide individualised support catering to intellectual, hearing, visual, physical, speech and behavioural disabilities. Day-to-day tasks include room and activity setup, guiding students to follow the teacher’s instructions, assisting with meals, toileting assistance, helping with the transportation of students and general supervision.

If you think you have the temperament for this role, studying a Special Needs Teacher Aide course will improve your chances of finding a job that caters to your career goals. This article covers the essential skills you’ll need to become a Special Needs Teacher Aide and the steps involved with getting qualified.

Top Traits of a Special Needs Teacher Aide

Enjoy Working with Children

To provide a high level of support to students as a Special Needs Teacher Aide it’s vital you enjoy working with children of all ages. Finding a sense of accomplishment in encouraging students to learn and be their best selves is a crucial aspect of this role and will help sustain you through some of the more challenging moments of your job.

Planning Skills

Special Needs Teacher Aides play an important part in the preparation and delivery of lesson plans, as well as in organising activities and assessments. This task requires a high level of planning skills, particularly when the classroom you’re placed in contains children with vastly different learning needs.

Understanding of Disabilities

Having a thorough understanding of disabilities and how they can impact learning and development outcomes in children is key to fulfilling your responsibilities as a Special Needs Teacher Aide. The more you know about different disabilities, the better equipped you’ll be to provide individualised learning support to students.

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Get Qualified

Enrolling in a Teacher Aide course is an important step in starting your career in special needs education. A qualification will provide a formal acknowledgement that you have the skills and knowledge to help students with disabilities make the most of their school experience. This will improve your chances of finding employment quickly and can open doors to advancement opportunities in Special Needs Teacher Aide jobs.

If you’re looking for a Special Needs Teacher Aide course, a Certificate IV in Education Support will qualify you to work as a Teacher Aide. This course will give you an understanding of how to assist with the implementation of planned educational programs and contribute to student education in all areas of their development.

Students can earn real-world experience during their studies, with up to 100 hours of work placement available. This means you’ll be ready to join the workforce as soon as you graduate.

Special Needs Teacher Aide Salary

Special Needs Teacher Aides make between $65,000 and $75,000 a year, although wages can vary depending on your employer and experience. Even though you don’t necessarily need a formal qualification to work as a teacher aide, getting qualified can help boost your earning potential.

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