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30 Nov 2023

Essential Business Skills Every Professional Needs 

Business and Management

No matter your profession, it’s always a good idea to pay good attention to your business skills and take all the opportunities you can get to learn and gain valuable experience.

That’s because these skills are highly versatile, so they can easily be transferred between roles and industries. When you have strong business skills, you’ll be a highly sought-after employee in a range of sectors, from small businesses to large corporations.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the essential business skills you’ll need to stay at the top of your game, whatever your career path. 

What are Business Skills?  

Business skills are the knowledge and expertise that help an individual to make decisions, implement processes and carry out tasks in a way that maximises the business’s overall success. Sounds a little vague, doesn’t it? That’s because there’s an incredible number of factors that go into a business’s success and a wide variety of skills to match. We’ll go through some examples of those skills in just a moment.  

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Why is it Important to Improve Your Skills for Business?  

Great business skills can significantly impact your personal and career growth. Whether you want to hone in on your project management skills or get an all-round education, it’s never a bad idea to advance your expertise. 

Having a strong set of business skills can improve your: 

Efficiency: Your business or organisation gets tasks and projects done quicker and with fewer resources, and you reduce your own stress when you’re working to a deadline. It’s a win-win scenario! 

Adaptability: With a solid foundation of skills to rely on, you can feel confident in a wider range of situations – making you an invaluable member of any team.  

Job satisfaction: The better you are at your job, the more satisfaction you get out of it! Handling a responsibility well always gives a lovely little boost of confidence in what you’re doing.  

Career advancement: By always improving and building those versatile business skills, you’ll be a highly competitive player for promotions and career advancement. 

Top 10 Essential Business Skills   

So you know why you should grow your skill set, but what are the areas you should focus on? Here are our top ten essential business skills to lead you to greater success. 

Problem Solving 

Problem solving is one skill that’ll take you far in any business or organisation. Planning and executing projects and tasks is not always a straightforward affair, and problems always tend to arise at the most inopportune moments. Whether you're troubleshooting a tricky project or smoothing out day-to-day business operations, it’s the ability to spot issues, figure out what's really going on, and find smart solutions that will set you apart. 


Communication isn’t just about passing along info – it's about getting your point across, working out problems in a team, and ensuring key people are properly informed. From sending emails to chatting with coworkers, being a great communicator is key to making everything click. If you work on your communication skills, it’ll help create an inspiring sense of team spirit where everyone works together seamlessly. It also encourages a workplace where ideas flow freely, relationships thrive, and everyone's on the same page. The best part about having excellent communication skills is that it can also have an incredible impact on your personal life and relationships.

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Business can be a fast-paced world, so being adaptable will keep you ahead of the game and better able to handle problems as they arise. Adaptable individuals thrive in the face of change, take everything as it comes and tweak their plans on the fly when its needed. This flexibility is about keeping a business nimble, keeping a team calm under pressure and it is great for your own personal stress management.  

Delegation and Management  

Amazing managers don't just boss people around – they build a crew of empowered teammates. That’s to say, you need to know the delicate balance of when to lead, and when to let others take the wheel. This is where delegation comes in – being able to hand out tasks to appropriately skilled team members, ask for help, and give clear guidance. Effective delegation means you’ll not only be more efficient in projects and tasks, but you’ll also be showing your coworkers that you trust them. Trust is key to building stronger teams who are motivated towards business success. Online business courses like our BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business can help you develop your management skills and style if you’re not already confident in this area.

Critical Thinking 

Sometimes when we’re working under pressure, we might skip over some important factors that could be important down the track. Critical thinkers are able to zoom in on the details of a project, task or process and see things that others can’t. If you develop your critical thinking skills, you could be able to see issues before others do, and might even be able to come up with solutions for them before anyone has even noticed something isn’t working! You’ll see inconsistencies, missing information and be able to help keep things running efficiently, which will make you indispensable to any team.  

Self awareness 

If you’ve ever been around someone who doesn’t possess self awareness, you’ll know they’re not the most fun people to work with. Self awareness is a skill that allows you to reflect on your skills, abilities and behaviour, so that you can see how you function within the workplace. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses allows you to take on the tasks that you’re best at, and work on those skills that don’t come to you so naturally. Self awareness also helps you become a great learner. It allows you to accept when you’ve made a mistake and learn from your errors for the future. You’ll also be able to relate better to others in your workplace, as you’re showing your vulnerability and strengths as a fellow human being. 

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Time Management 

Time management skills are crucial when it comes to making sure projects are completed to their deadlines. That includes prioritising more important tasks over ones that can be pushed back, and accurately estimating how long different tasks will take you – which unfortunately, can be a process of trial and error. When you’re able to effectively manage your time, you ensure that the organisation continues to run smoothly. It also helps make sure your coworkers aren’t negatively impacted when you haven’t completed something they need in order to do their job. 

Financial Literacy 

Financial skills can certainly come in handy when you're working within strict project budgets. Whether you’re a manager or not, it’s important to know what the business can and can’t afford to do. Understanding financial concepts, budgeting, expenditure tracking and financial analysis is essential for making informed business decisions and contributing to the overall financial health of any organisation. 

Project Management 

Project management is a multifaceted skill set. It’s about the planning, execution and oversight of projects. Those projects could be anything depending on your industry, from the construction of a new building to a marketing campaign. If you want to become a brilliant Project Manager, you’ll need to know how to set goals and stay within budget constraints, in order to ensure that projects are completed successfully. Project management skills are so important to businesses’ success because it helps to get things done as quickly as possible, with as few resources as possible. Carrying out projects successfully also helps to foster a strong culture of achievement in the workplace.  


Being a strong leader is about inspiring, guiding, and cheering on your team to victory. You’ll be able to put all these skills together to keep a calm front through problems, communicate well, delegate tasks and critically analyse various situations as they come up. Being someone others turn to for encouragement, support and direction is a character asset that will see you reach the heights of your potential, and open up the doors to success for your team and organisation. If you want to get an in-depth overhaul of your leadership style, a business management course is a great way to grow as a leader. 

Think your business skills are in need of fine-tuning? Upskill and become an irreplaceable member of any team with a business course from Foundation Education. Call to speak with one of our friendly Careers Advisors today. 

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