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Foundation Education is committed to assisting our Industry Partners by delivering excellent online and workplace education.


Be A Part Of Something Great

At Foundation Education, we place great importance on the value of our industry partnerships. Through our network of practical placement and recruitment partners, we equip your future staff with the skills they need to succeed within your business and in their careers. In doing so, we also give your organisation access to a skilled workforce. 

Our placement partnerships are equally beneficial to both Foundation Education and your business. In expanding our partnership network, our students are assured a high quality education, while also providing you with a cost-effective and efficient recruitment alternative. 

Ranging from certificate to diploma qualifications, a selection of our courses include a practical component to ensure students are better prepared to find employment and support your business in achieving its goals.


Benefits For Your Business

  • no insurance or recruitment fees
  • increased brand exposure
  • get an extra pair of helping hands during your busiest times
  • an additional source of revenue
  • free screening of potential candidates
  • help to shape the future of your industry
  • increased brand exposure through association with Foundation Education
  • connect with upcoming industry-ready graduates
  • get the first pick of recruiting highly skilled staff


Our partnership programs

Recruitment Partner

Suitable for a business that has a need for recruiting on a local or national scale. 

Vocational Placement Partner

Suitable for businesses who can take on vocational placement and offer our students to complete their practical requirements.

Referral Partner

Suitable for businesses who are wanting to refer students to Foundation Education. 

Corporate Partner

Suitable for businesses that are looking to upskill their staff with our discounted rates. 

Funding Partner

Suitable for businesses that want to partner with us to assist students through traineeships or state base funding.


The Vocational Placement Process

The aim of the practical placement is to give students the opportunity to gain practical experience in a real work environment. This, combined with theory components completed online, equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to advance their careers.

Foundation Education students will receive hands-on training in your business, following the below process, ensuring they are job-ready and experienced, come graduation.

  1. The student enrols with Foundation Education
  2. Theoretical assessments completed
  3. Work etiquette and professional skills development course completed
  4. Interview conducted and candidates selected
  5. Practical workplace training undertaken in your business
  6. The student graduates
  7. Recruitment opportunity for your business


Our Placement Programs

For Hospitality Venues

Our hospitality program connects students with quality hospitality practical placement partners, who guide students through a minimum of 36 shifts — each shift at least two hours long. Our practical placement partners help students to learn and refine the hands-on skills needed to succeed in the hospitality industry.


For Dental Practices

Our dental program connects students with quality dental practices that can provide essential hands-on experience, where students will complete a minimum of 300 hours of practical work placement. Our practical placement partners equip students with the skills to provide chairside assistance to dentists, where they can choose to specialise in oral health promotion or radiography.


For Allied Health Professionals

Our allied health program connects students with quality allied health placement partners, who guide students through the required 80-120 practical placements hours within an allied health setting. Our practical placement partners equip students with the hands-on skills needed to succeed in the health industry.


For Education And Childcare Centres

Our education program connects students with quality practical placement partners in the education sector. Students will complete between 100-240 hours of practical work placement with these partners. Our practical placement partners equip students with the skills to develop and evaluate the care of children from birth to school age, in either a support or leadership position.


Have You Considered Traineeships?

Our Funding Partnership option is to offer students a traineeship within your business. The benefits to your business may include:

  • access to Government funding with trainees’ wages subsidised
  • increased staff engagement, which leads to increased productivity and improved business outcomes
  • helping to provide an otherwise unqualified person with the opportunity to gain valuable skills and employment


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the practical placement partner have to pay the student and are they obliged to hire them?

No. Practical placement partners do not have to pay the student. There is no expectation that the practical placement partner will hire the student once they have completed their course.

What are the responsibilities of a practical placement partner?

All placement students come ready to start, with personal liability, professional indemnity and work cover insurance already taken care of. The practical placement partner is responsible for meeting approved safe work conditions and providing the student with access to hands-on experience.

Are there learning outcomes needing to be covered?

Foundation Education provides a structured learning plan as part of the students’ Practical Placement Kit, a document designed to assist our industry partners in facilitating our students’ workplace experiences.


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