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Foundation Education VET in Schools Program

Gain a head start before leaving school with our Schools Program

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At Foundation Education, our Schools Program is focused on giving students the best start to their career. We are dedicated to helping the next generation reach their full potential.

Our range of courses provides high school students with practical skills that will prepare them to step straight into a job or continue onto university following graduation.

What is the VET Schools Program?

If you are a year 10, 11 or 12 student, you may be able to complete a VET (vocational education and training) qualification while you are still at school. Our courses range from Certificate II through to III ensure that you will still receive your high school certificate from the state you are studying in.

Our Schools Courses

Foundation Education is passionate about helping young people embrace their potential, providing real-life tools and resources they will need to succeed in an increasingly competitive employment market.

At Foundation Education, we’re dedicated to helping your students strive for success. We’re a quality Registered Training Organisation, known for delivering on our student outcomes. We pride ourselves on service and excellence, tailoring our delivery options and resources to suit the needs of your school. Our Schools Program has exceptionally high graduation rates.

Courses on offer 

BSB20120 Certificate II In Workplace Skills | Auspice** and Online

The BSB20120 Certificate II in Workplace Skills sets you up to enter the workforce and find your first job quickly. The skills you learn in this course can prepare you for an entry-level role in any professional environment.

BSB30120 Certificate III in Business | Auspice** and Online

This course will equip students with essential business skills, enabling them to secure an entry-level role in a range of industries.

CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care  | Auspice** and Online

This qualification reflects the role of educators in early childhood education and care who work in regulated children’s education and care services in Australia. Students will learn how to support the development of literacy, oral and numeracy skills, and contribute to the management of a learning environment.

CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support  |  Online only

By completing the CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support, students will develop the knowledge and skills needed to provide assistance to teachers and students under supervision in public and independent schools and community education settings.

Schools Program cost structure

Online and Auspice Delivery



BSB20120 Certificate II in Workplace Skills $799 $249
BSB30120 Certificate III in Business $799 $249
CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care $799 $249
CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support $999 N/A

Additional costs

$999 administration fee charged per school, once per year to cover all courses in Auspice programs only.    

**Under the full auspice delivery, your school provides the course facilitator – a qualified and experienced course assessor.

Visit our Schools Program Terms and Conditions handbook.

Benefits of the VET Schools Program

Flexible studies

Our courses work around students existing high school structure. The VET in Schools Program also counts towards a high school certificate. By taking on a nationally-accredited VET qualification during high school studies, you become equipped with job-ready skills that can lead to employment sooner or provide a pathway to university.

Further Pathways

There is more than one way to achieve a university dream! Completing a VET qualification in school will enable you to move onto a certificate IV or diploma in your chosen field. Many Australian universities use these qualifications from the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) to qualify students for entry. Many students who didn’t pursue a purely academic path in year 12 use it as a stepping stone to university. Students may be eligible to receive credit towards your chosen degree from a VET qualification.

Making the right choice

The Schools Program presents an opportunity to explore a student's options before they graduate through: 

The University Option

Studying a Certificate II or Certificate III qualification before you finish high school may make it easier to gain entry into university, and shorten the time it takes to complete a degree.

The Career Option

University isn’t for everyone — you may prefer to go straight into work. Building real-world skills while you’re still at school may make it easier to secure an entry-level position in the workforce.

The Foundation Education promise

Increase self-esteem

Our Schools Program packages are specifically designed for growing minds, motivating students to work hard with engaging, interesting and dynamic subjects and learning outcomes.

Impart practical skills

Whether a student has their sights set on a certain career or not, our Schools Programs are an opportunity for them to experience a range of industries before making a decision. Our Schools Programs teach students invaluable skills directly connected to their chosen field, in a flexible and fun learning environment.

Create real employment opportunities

With high graduation rates, we are known for delivering on our commitment to our students’ success.

Provide a pathway to university

Are they continuing onto university? A selection of our courses may be used to gain advanced standing or credit points toward an undergraduate degree in a related discipline.

We’re with you every step of the way

Great teachers are key to the success of students. Foundation Education is here to support you, with a four-tiered support system:

  1. Quality Resources – from targeted course content to cutting edge teaching methods, you’ll have access to a wide range of resources to help your students navigate the beneficial experience of learning with us.
  2. Reporting – our courses and assessments are marked automatically by our system – reducing your marking time. We submit student reports detailing the outcomes of each student – gauge their performance, chart their strengths and help them overcome any identified obstacles.
  3. Student Contact – if a student, for any reason, falls behind on their coursework, we will provide the required support and advice to ensure they get back on track with their goals.
  4. Minimal Preparation – our courses are straightforward, requiring very little preparation or explanation. We aspire to achieve a full-package learning experience to benefit teachers and students.


More information

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