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18 Apr 2023

Kate Pennington: Empowering Compassion through Education Support

Tell us a bit about yourself.  

My name's Kate, and I'm a passionate child educator and advocate for ostracised children.   

I've written a series of children's books that showcase the power of kindness and empathy in creating a more compassionate and inclusive society. These books teach children the value of not laughing at others and focus on compassion and kindness to combat aggression and bullying. My goal is to leave a legacy, building a safe haven for children to support one another and stand up against passive bystanders.

In one of my books, the protagonist, Suzie, has a cochlear implant to help her learn how to speak and hear. She faces teasing from other animals, and the book allows readers to understand how people feel when others are unkind to them.

Another book I wrote sheds light on eating disorders, inspired by my experience as a childcare worker. It all began when I overheard a three-year-old saying they didn't want to eat something because they feared getting "fat." This book educates children about the impact of photoshopping and teaches them that things they see may not always be a true reflection of reality.

My work started as a way of honouring the memory of my brother, Bruce. Growing up, I saw things through other people's eyes and recognised that the pain in another person's eyes (dealt by the cards of life), can never be hidden. This has informed my personal motto, which is: 'Create a Domino Effect of Kindness'. 

Kate Pennington Success Story

What course are you studying?  

Currently, I'm studying the Certificate IV in School-Based Education Support, aligning perfectly with my dedication to supporting kids living with disabilities. My journey in education has been fueled by a desire to foster compassion and kindness, which I hope to pass on to future generations through my work.

What made you decide to pursue a new career?  

I've always worked with children, but I've always loved to work with kids who are living with a disability.   

I recently completed a Certificate III in School-Based Education Support. I then searched the internet for a college offering a Certificate IV to extend my knowledge further.

Kate Pennington Success Story

Why did you choose to study with Foundation Education?  

I chose Foundation Education because they offered the Certificate IV I was seeking, and their affordable payment plans suited my needs. I didn't want to accumulate HECS fees with other organisations, so this option was just right for me.

Future plans 

Once I graduate, I'm determined to open my own center, providing essential support and social groups for all children, with and without disabilities. My motivation comes from a personal experience with my cousin, who had a learning delay and epilepsy. Despite attending a special school, he faced unkindness from others even as an adult. My center will be a haven of belonging, safety, and nurturing.

What would you say to people who are considering studying with Foundation Education?   

Having a tutor helps you focus, especially when your attention span wavers. If you face a difficult question and need extra support, the Education Support Faculty is there to assist you, which helps enormously. 

If you're ready to follow your dreams like Kate, Foundation Education offers a wide range of nationally recognised courses to suit all skill levels - see our courses.


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