07 May 2021

How To Ask For A Payrise


There might come a time in your career when you feel like you deserve a pay rise.

But how do you actually go about navigating this tricky conversation with your boss? Here are our top tips on how to negotiate a pay rise.

Choose the right time

Timing is key when it comes to asking for a pay rise. As much as we’d all like a bit more money in our wallets, you can’t wake up one morning and suddenly decide you want a pay rise. Instead, choose an appropriate time to ask such as: 

  • When you’re nearing the anniversary of your employment 

  • When you’re approaching the end of the financial year or calendar year 

  • When your role has expanded 

  • When you have exceeded KPIs 

  • When company goals and targets have been achieved.

By appropriately timing your request, your boss will have some relevant context to base their decision on, which boosts your chances of securing a pay rise.

Identify a clear reason

When asking for a pay rise, it’s important to have a clear reason behind your request. This ensures you don’t come across as entitled or greedy. Some valid reasons for asking for a pay rise include:

  • Your role expanding to include more duties and responsibilities 

  • Your exceptional achievements and results 

  • Your rate not being on par with industry standards. 

Do your research

You should have a figure in mind before you approach your boss, whether that’s a specific salary or a percentage you’re wanting to increase your salary by. This should be based on research - what’s the typical rate for people in your position and at your level of experience? Armed with this information, you can back up your request with real figures.

Arrange for a meeting

Staff arranging a meeting with superior to discuss a payrise

Don’t approach your boss out of the blue or when they seem overburdened with work. Instead, book in a time with them and clearly state that your intent is to discuss your salary. This allows your boss to prepare and come to a carefully considered decision.
During the meeting, stay unemotional and professional. It’s important that you don’t come across as ungrateful, bitter or dissatisfied. Simply focus on the evidence you’ve gathered and try to confidently present this to your boss. Finally, be prepared to negotiate and know what figure you’re willing to settle for.

Be prepared for any outcome

Of course, it’s always possible that your boss may not be able to grant your request, whether that’s due to budget limitations, your performance or any other reason. Have a backup plan in mind to ensure you can still enjoy some sort of positive outcome, such as setting a date for a future pay review or requesting alternative benefits like flexible working options. No matter what the outcome happens to be, remember to remain gracious and professional.

Upskill to become invaluable

If you’d like to work your way towards a pay rise eventually, consider taking a Foundation Education course to improve your skill set and accelerate your career. By staying on top of industry developments and picking up new skills, you can boost your chances of securing a pay rise in the future!

Enquire Now on 1300 616 197 and speak to one of our friendly Careers Advisors to unlock your potential with Foundation Education!


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