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13 Feb 2023

Have you got what it takes to thrive as an Early Childhood Educator?

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If becoming an Early Childhood Educator sounds like a great career move for you, first, you should know what it takes to thrive in this rewarding environment.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the essential traits and skills you’ll need to make a positive impact in your new career:

1. Empathy 

Empathy is vital for understanding the experiences of young children and their families as kids begin to learn more about the world and their feelings. 

2. Patience 

Working with young children will present you with challenges at times, and you’ll need plenty of patience when handling different needs, behaviours and temperaments.  

3. Flexibility 

You’ll be working in a dynamic, ever-changing environment where no two days are the same, so you’ll need to be equally adaptable to handle whatever the day throws your way.  

4. Creativity 

There’s loads of time for exploration, so an innate sense of creativity and play is essential to creating fun and educational experiences for kids.  

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5. Communication skills 

You’ll need clear and effective communication to be able to communicate with the young children, as well as their families and your colleagues.  

6. Teamwork 

Early Childhood Education Support is a collaborative effort where a whole group of dedicated people come together to provide comprehensive care and education, so it’s vital that you can be a team player.  

7. A positive attitude 

A cheerful and optimistic demeanour helps to create a warm, welcoming environment where children feel inspired to learn and grow.  

8. Reliability 

As an Early Childhood Educator, the children, your co-workers and their families are depending on you to provide consistent care and support, so you’ll need to be someone who takes the responsibility seriously.  

9. Keen observation skills 

Ever heard a parent say ‘I turned my back for one minute…’? Young children can get themselves in some weird, wonderful or sticky situations, so you’ll need to have a careful awareness of them at all times. 

Take the first step and get qualified!  

By enrolling into our CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, you’ll be able to start working in a support role within the Early Childhood industry. Check out our full range of Early Childhood courses


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