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Smile Partners

Meet Smile Partners, one of Australia’s leading orthodontic groups helping our Dental Assisting students gain invaluable work placement experience.

We've teamed up with Smile Partners

At Foundation Education, it’s of the highest importance that our Dental Assisting students receive high-quality opportunities to hone their skills in a local practice.

It’s for this reason that we’ve partnered with Smile Partners – to give our students priority access to work placement opportunities in their locations. 

Smile Partners LocationsSmile Partners Locations

Top reasons to apply for a practical work placement with Smile Partners

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Gain invaluable experience in orthodontics

There’s a whole branch of dental assisting skills to learn in this specialist setting. Of course, you’ll gain the core experience you need to work in either, but building up specific expertise in orthodontics will make you a competitive catch when you’re looking for employment.*

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Metropolitan and regional locations

No matter if you’re in a central location like Melbourne or out west in Kalgoorlie, there are 35 specialist locations to choose from, making it a convenient option for Australians living in or outside the big city limits.

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Top-quality training

If you secure a work placement at a Smile Partner location, you’re receiving an education that sets you up for a smooth and successful career in the orthodontics field. This is because all practices are guided by Smile Partners’ long line of expertise and values, crafted over years in the industry.

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Ready to apply?

Simply contact us below or call our friendly team on 1300 616 197.

*Employment opportunities are subject to job availability and an evaluation process of your performance and cultural fit as determined by the Smile Partners Group.