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Training Needs Analysis

What is a training needs analysis?

A training needs analysis is a tool used by many successful businesses because of its outstanding results in identifying areas of development or improvement.  Both cost and time effective, it is a methodological approach to resolving issues within your business if you're seeking to improve operations and train or retrain your workforce.  It is also the tool we will use to provide you with a comprehensive business training package.


How does it work?

A training needs analysis comprises activities undertaken to identify how we can meet your needs.  The analysis focuses on the responsibilities of each position within your team or organisation.  By recognising the capabilities of your workforce, it can pinpoint where opportunities exist for improvement.

Foundation Education delivers the analysis in a way that suits your requirements.  It can be used to focus on the on-going or future development needs of a particular unit or of your whole organisation.  We can conduct it when required for individual projects, either onsite or remotely.


The benefits

Foundation Education realises that good training cannot be rushed, yet we understand that it is better to get the process started sooner rather than later.  By way of a training needs analysis, we will be able to deliver your package quickly and efficiently.  This means that the provision of training to your workforce can begin almost right away.

Not only will the analysis enable us to get the process moving more quickly, it will ensure that the courses chosen are aligned to the direction of your organisational growth and the values and objectives to which it adheres.  It can also help us prepare you for the future by recognising where you might be heading, advising on steps you could take to prepare, and assisting your workforce in facilitating this preparation.


More information

For more information on how you can book your training needs analysis, call 1300 130 157.

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