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Our students, graduates & industry partners testimonials

Nurindah Lestari, Foundation Education Student

I choose to study with Foundation Education because they provide me with more flexibility and support. Since I have my children, it’s really hard for me to attend classes and choose to study online means I can still do my education in the comfort of my home without leaving my children behind, still wearing my pyjamas and with a warm coffee. Foundation Education is also very supportive and understanding about what I need for my study as they provide me coaching sessions every week to help me thrive with my education. The coaches are very passionate, dedicated, and supportive to help their students thrive and achieve their goals."

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Jackson Potter, Foundation Education Graduate

"I chose to study and work in the area of allied health because I have always had a passion for helping people. I wanted to work in a role hands-on with people and make a difference in their lives. Working as an allied health assistant gives me the opportunity to do that."

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Mirza Tallal Ahmed, Foundation Education Graduate

"I would say to people who want to study online, that you need to prioritise your work but give time to yourself as well, go out, enjoy and have fun".

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Rachel Fikkers, Foundation Education Graduate

"My advice to anyone considering to study online is ‘If it suits you to work at your own pace and are self-directed, it is the perfect option. There is a sense of empowerment in leading the way, as opposed to being led’".

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The Foundation Education range of courses is high quality and always meets the demand of our training and development program. 

- Summit Hotel


"The course provided me with the skills to confidently teach VET in schools. It covered the requirements I needed to be able to mentor, develop units of work and assess the learners."

- Annette Beattie, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


I started my placement four weeks ago roughly and was offered a full time job within the practice. I started two weeks ago.

- Rachel Withers, dental graduate


I have never been a learner that can sit in a classroom and learn at a predetermined pace. I like to set my own hours and decide how much study I want to get done in one session. The option for flexible study means that I can still work full-time and have a social life whilst completing my qualification.

- Laura Andrews, Diploma of Business student


Foundation Education has been amazing with their support and their communication. They keep the lines of communication open and are very quick in responding to your questions. 

- Bethany Dempster, Certificate III in Events


It has certainly helped and enhanced my career. I feel as though it helped me get my current job. I was able to demonstrate that I not only had experience in the area, but was actively seeking to improve my knowledge and skill base. Simply studying a course shows that you are proactive and are looking to improve yourself.

- Kelee Locke, Certificate III in Business Administration


I highly recommend future students who are looking for skills advancement or recognition to give Foundation Education a go.

Samuel Martin, Certificate IV in Education Support and Diploma of Business Administration student


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