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Success Stories

Laura Andrews, Diploma of Business

It was the opportunity to complete a traineeship where Laura could study on the job, that's gotten her to where she is today.

Why did you decide to study a Diploma of Business qualification?

I started studying the Diploma of Business for career and personal progression. The position I wanted to work in needed a minimum requirement of a diploma, so I enrolled into the Diploma of Business with Foundation Education.


What factors influenced your decision to study?

I really wanted to progress both personally and professionally. I didn’t believe that studying would be something I would do, as university didn’t interest me. 


Has this course helped or enhanced your career?

These courses helped me understand situations and terms within my workplace that I knew of, but didn’t know the whole function or the name of. I found a lot of the information within the courses were relevant to my workplace and industry.


How was your overall experience studying through Foundation Education?

I found the experience to be very seamless and smooth from the start. I was able to start my studies straight away and received regular contact from Foundation Education, touching base to see how I was going.


How does studying online fit into your lifestyle?

I have never been a learner that can sit in a classroom and learn at a predetermined pace. I like to set my own hours and decide how much study I was to get done in one session. The option for flexible study means that I can still work full-time and have a social life whilst completing my qualification.


What was your experience with the Foundation Education support teams?

The staff were very friendly and able to assist easily. Working full-time can make it difficult to speak with someone, as I usually study outside of office hours. They are very efficient with responding to emails and if I call, I always end up getting assistance.


Bethany Dempster, Certificate III in Events

What has it been like studying online with Foundation Education?

The layout of the eCampus is very easy to use and makes it easy to navigate your way around it. The material was all online making it available wherever you are. The assessments are all online as well and are very challenging, but help you put your new knowledge into the practical everyday circumstances that you will face in the industry.


Has the Foundation Education’s student support team been helpful?

Foundation Education has been amazing with their support and their communication. They keep the lines of communication open and are very quick in responding to your questions. They are very helpful and are always happy to help you with whatever questions you may have. They are very friendly and are there to assist you achieve in the course.


What would you say to those considering studying with Foundation Education?

I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting an online credited course. So open the door to a lifetime of possibilities.


Kelee Locke, Certificate III in Business Administration

Kellee started university straight after school but found that university was not for her and when the opportunity arose for Kellee to complete some further study in her current role, she jumped at the chance. She decided to complete the Certificate III in Business Administration offered by Foundation Education under the Government Certificate 3 Guarantee.

Why did you decide to study through the Certificate 3 Guarantee?

It was an affordable option to get a nationally recognised qualification. I was having trouble finding a job in the field I wanted to work in, so I decided to enrol to make myself more employable in that area.

What factors influenced your decision to study?

A huge factor was time – I wanted a study option that I could work around my lifestyle. Another factor would be how the course would benefit my career – I wanted a course that would aid in my career progression.

Has this course helped or enhanced your career?

It has certainly helped and enhanced my career! I feel as though it helped me get my current job! I was able to demonstrate that I not only had experience in the area, but was actively seeking to improve my knowledge and skill base. Simply studying a course shows that you are proactive and are looking to improve yourself.

How does studying online fit into your lifestyle?

It is very convenient, as I can do it outside of normal hours, a few hours at night or on the weekend. I can fit the study around my lifestyle, instead of fitting my lifestyle around study. With this course I can work full-time, go to the gym, see my friends and family and study without any problem.

If you are interested in completing a business qualification or any of the courses offered through Foundation Education, please contact us on 1300 61 61 97.

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