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School Partners

Meet our school partners

Foundation Education’s partner schools and colleges have a proven track record of achieving high quality results for their students.  By combining advanced learning technology with experienced course facilitators, students have access to courses and flexible delivery options that lead to an enormous sense of accomplishment upon graduation.

Through our partner RTO, the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (RTO 32363), each and every student’s education journey is sure to be a positive one – leading to increased employability and placement in leading Australian universities.


Red Cliffs Secondary College

Red Cliffs Secondary College aims to provide the local and broader community with high quality state education for young people in years 7-12. The school’s mission is to treat all students as individuals and assist them in becoming educated people who can make a positive contribution to the community, both now and into the future.  They do this by developing and fostering positive relationships with families, other educational institutions, support services and the broader community in order to provide opportunities for students to grow academically, socially, emotionally and as member of society.


St Joseph’s College

St Joseph’s College will cultivate intellectual values in its students and encourage integrity, respect for the truth, openness to reality and respect for scholarly virtues.

Each student will be assisted to reach the highest level of achievement of which they are capable.

In partnership with Foundation Education, their schools program integrates vocational learning opportunities, encouraging students to develop skills of enquiry, research, explanation and critical awareness.


Sale College

Sale College strives to ensure that every student learns, achieves and succeeds. This is underpinned by staff who work hard to provide the appropriate learning program for every student in a safe and supportive environment, a range
of curricular and extracurricular activities, specialist support staff and excellent facilities.

Their three core values of respect, achievement and belonging provide the framework for everything that they do on a day to day basis across the college community. Students are continually reminded of how important these values are for school and life.

“We are very proud of our achievements, but are also continually looking at ways to best provide for the changing needs of our young people. We are after all nurturing and growing the citizens of our future world.”


Mildura Senior College

Mildura Senior College provides an outstanding opportunity for young adults to access extensive pathways within a young adult learning environment. Educating young adults for a productive and rewarding future is a three-way responsibility shared by parents, students and the college.

There is, in some circles, a feeling that parent involvement in their children’s education tapers off when they reach the senior years of secondary education, but Mildura Senior College believes that behind every successful student, there is an encouraging and supportive parent. Because of this, they urge all parents to be involved in their son’s or daughter’s senior years.


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