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School Partner Benefits

Why partnering with Foundation Education simply makes sense

As a schools coordinator or school principal, it can be challenging to balance a pre-determined curriculum with individual learning styles, particularly when not every student is suited to the traditional education structure.

To make this decision easier, we have listed below the direct benefits of partnering with Foundation Education and making your students’ career goals a reality.

Because above all, we care

Your students’ success is our priority. After all, that’s our entire reason for being here. We’re committed to quality education, helping young minds embrace their potential, and steering students on a path to career fulfilment. During their educational journey, we focus on the development of greater self-belief for each and every VET student. We want them to feel an enormous sense of accomplishment when they graduate with a nationally recognised qualification and succeed in their chosen workplace.


A brilliant report card amongst our peers

Foundation Education has a proven track record with our school partners. Our drive to support and guide our students towards success has resulted in an industry-leading graduation rate of 92% and a student satisfaction rate of 80%.

We do business with some of the biggest employers in a variety of industries, including LendLease, Queensland Ambulance Service and Queensland Motorways, which attest to our position of respect and credibility as a schools program provider.


Advanced technology + cleverly applied intelligence = student satisfaction

The biggest battle in getting students to commit to completing a schools program during their senior school years is providing them with engaging learning resources. Learning resources should be fun, enjoyable and leave a lasting impression on both the student and their parents.

At Foundation Education, we’ve enlisted some of the best educational minds and combined their skills with powerful IT infrastructure to create an interactive and highly engaging online learning system. Our investment of time and money into building our unique platform is why our students remain committed to their course and go the distance to ultimately achieve their qualification, and graduate.


Complementary education keeps students in school

Statistics prove that students who undertake vocational certificate courses while in high school are significantly more inclined to stay in school for longer. When students feel they are learning practical skills that can be applied to a specific career, they see that there is an employment outcome, and that means earning money! That’s some strong motivation to keep learning and do well at it.

Parents really appreciate that a schools program improves the likelihood of their child remaining at school – they often provide positive feedback. Comments about how much their child is enjoying their schools program and the value of the practical workplace skills they are learning are frequent and make our day!


Flexible course delivery

At Foundation Education, we pride ourselves on service and excellence, tailoring our delivery options and resources to suit the needs of your school. We are able to fit into your schedule, with one or two year Auspice, delivered as:


Support for teachers

Foundation Education understands how time consuming marking is. That is why 80% of course assessments are marked automatically by the system – reducing your marking time!

Our partner schools often find that, thanks to the high quality of our resources, lessons are self-explanatory, with minimal additional preparation required from teachers.

You’re never alone when you’re a Foundation Education Partner School. We will provide on-going support for you and your teachers every step of the way.

Find out more today! Contact our Schools Coordinator on 1300 130 157.  

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