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Business Solutions that Fit

What do we offer?

At Foundation Education, we offer business solutions that build your confidence as an employer – either through giving your workforce access to a quality education and the skills necessary to excel, or by providing recruitment solutions.

As a trusted Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we understand the importance of investing in your people. That’s why we offer the opportunity for organisations to further develop their employees and become an ‘Employer of Choice’.

Our programs are designed by industry professionals and promote long-term sustainability for your business.

Which solution is best for your organisation?

Become a practical placement partner

As a practical placement partner, would it be beneficial to your business if you could:

  • save on insurance and recruitment fees?
  • get an extra pair of helping hands during your busiest times?
  • access an additional source of revenue?
  • get the first pick of recruiting highly skilled staff and industry ready-graduates?

Our practical placement partners help us prepare our students to enter, progress and succeed in their chosen industry.

We deliver our education via a combination of online theory, and practical experience in a working environment, in partnership with our practical placement partners. This ensures our students have the opportunity to put theory into practice and gain the practical skills needed to work in a fast-paced, hands-on industry.

Read more about partnering with us.


Upskill your staff with our training packages

Invest in the sustainability and growth of your business by offering a traineeship to Foundation Education's students. You can expect:

  • programs designed by industry professionals 
  • to become an ‘Employer of Choice’ known for your quality training programs
  • the ability to offer a succession plan for high-performing team members
  • increased staff retention
  • reduced recruitment costs
  • increased productivity and capability

We provide in-house accredited training, specifically tailored to identified business needs. With more than 60 courses on offer across 11 industries, our training is aimed at developing the knowledge, skillset and attitudes of your staff, enabling you to retain employees longer, increase efficiency and effectiveness and strengthen your bottom line.


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