13 Oct 2016

How Much Can You Earn as an Admin Assistant?

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There is a world of opportunity out there. Taking the leap into a new role and a new career path is exciting, but sometimes you just need answers first. 

Our salary expectations are something we often hold close to our chest. It’s a disconcerting topic, but it shouldn’t be.

Just about every job interview begins with the question – tell me about yourself. Following that is the run of the mill behavioural questions. How do you handle conflicting deadlines? How do you cope with the stress? 

Most interviews conclude with the opportunity for you to ask the interviewer anything you want.

Yet this is where so many of us trip up. We want to ask about salary, but who wants to look like a money chaser?

The simple fact of the matter is that money does matter. If it didn’t, most of us would be pursuing passion projects, not showing up at an office at a specific time allocated by someone else.

We won’t tell you how to smash an interview out of the park, and we won’t tell you how to be a good admin assistant.

Something we can do, however, is get you the salary you deserve.

Your salary reflects not just your worth, but the perception of your worth. We’ve outlined some salaries below, but these are average. With an improved skill set and a dedication to marketing yourself, you can easily beat the average.

Administrative Assistant Salary

Low to Mid Salary Range

Brisbane $45,000 

Melbourne $45,000 

Perth $48,000 

Sydney $45,000 

Mid to High Salary Range

Brisbane $53,000 

Melbourne $55,000

Perth $45,000 

Sydney $55,000 

Executive Assistant Salary

Low to Mid Salary Range

Brisbane $60,000 

Melbourne $65,000 

Perth $70,000 

Sydney $65,000 

Mid to High Salary Range

Brisbane $90,000 

Melbourne $90,000 

Perth $95,000 

Sydney $95,000 

Receptionist Salary

Low to Mid Salary Range

Brisbane $45,000 

Melbourne $43,000 

Perth $43,000 

Sydney $43,000 

Mid to High Salary Range

Brisbane $55,000 

Melbourne $60,000 

Perth $53,000 

Sydney $58,000 

Administrative Coordinator Salary

Low to Mid Salary Range

Brisbane $50,000

Melbourne $52,000

Perth $50,000 

Sydney $52,000

Mid to High Salary Range

Brisbane $62,000

Melbourne $65,000

Perth $62,000

Sydney $65,000

Office Manager Salary

Low to Mid Salary Range

Brisbane $60,000 

Melbourne $65,000 

Perth $60,000 

Sydney $65,000 

Mid to High Salary Range

Brisbane $86,000

Melbourne $90,000

Perth $85,000 

Sydney $80,000

Choose a Future Worth Having

This is what the rest of the market is earning. The question is – do you want to land squarely in the middle of average, or build yourself into a powerhouse that smashes the average?

Improving your skills (and having the paper to prove it) is critical to making that jump into the higher salary ranges.

However, you’ve got to have the skills that people are willing to pay for. So, where is all the money going lately?

Well, it turns out that admin assistant roles are growing rapidly, along with those in HR and Project Support. Admin assistant qualifications are a stepping stone to a huge range of other roles.

Take a look at the recent growth of these roles:

  • HR 25%

  • Project Support 24%

  • Executive/Personal Assistantsn17%

  • Customer Service 15%

  • Administration 15%

  • Sales 14%

  • Office Management 14%

Walking into a business as a qualified admin assistant opens the door to a whole world of opportunities, and there is more demand than ever for these roles.

So what's next?

It’s time to upskill. The market for these roles is growing, but so is the number of people applying for them. It’s still a competitive world out there. More than ever, employers are insisting on qualifications in the people they hire.

Foundation Education can get you there. We have world-leading courses to give you the skills you need to kill it in any role.



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If you want to rise to the top of the pile and be truly competitive in the job marketplace, you need to stand out. A full qualification in the job you want is the first step to getting in the door.

Want to chat about your options? Get in touch with us today. We’ll chat about where you are now, and where you want to be in five, ten or twenty years.

There’s never been a better time to make the right choice for your future.

*Source: all salary information is sourced from Payscale.com 


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